Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pinning and Winning (and failing)

As you may have figured out, I do spend a LOT of time on Pinterest.  I love it.  Have I told you about how I justify it by saying it's like Facebook only not obnoxiously shallow and nosey?  Yea - it's like the classy, mature, adult version of Facebook.  Right?

Well I also have this thing with Pinterest where I can't just pin things - I have to do them.  All the things I have just waiting in my boards loom over me all the time.  It's like they're just taunting me saying "here's more stuff you want to do but won't ever get the time for".   So it seems like I do a lot of pinning and doing, but in comparison to all the things waiting for me, I way way way behind.

Low and behold - here are the latest Wins and Fails:

Okay, this is a bad one to start with since we haven't even started it yet.  But I looked up some stuff on "resurrection eggs" last week and didn't like any of them.  Then I found this little deal.  I think I'm going to get one of those GIANT eggs from Hobby Lobby to put all the stuff in every day and just put some candy in little eggs for the count down.  

Okay, so this was actually kind of a cute idea.  It's a bag with little things (snacks, hair ties, face wipes...) that a lady might want during birth.  The reason it was a fail was that I didn't get it to the momma until the day AFTER she gave birth.  I had to change some things out.  Whoops.  So it's kind of a win...but also not for me. 

I cleaned my coffee pot a couple months ago (another Pinterest WIN) and it was a huge success, so when I found this little idea I was sold.  Why why oh why did I not think of this before.  Just run white vinegar through the cycle!  And some other tricks.  We've had much cleaner dishes since I did this.  

I made this for a cook out and I don't think anyone other than me and Travis ate them.  But they're covered in garlic, so we didn't mind bringing a whole bowl home!  Easy and nom nom nom.....

So Tyler Farner thought this was a great idea - but I was disappointed with how it turned out.  I'd rather have a brownie AND a Cadbury egg - separate.  The eggs cooked down a little too much and got pretty chewy.  Skip it. 

Eat This Chart
It's okay that the picture is too small for you to really see it, because you don't need to.  It's a list of "good things" to eat when you're craving "bad things".  Really though - if I want some Doritos, a handful of peanuts is NOT going to do the job.  I tried using their suggestions a couple of times but nope.  I just ended up eating this AND that.  

This I just like.  

There you have it.  Another addition.  I know there isn't any really good crafty things this time around.  But be patient.  It got all nice outside so I haven't been crafting.  Except for the lion had prints Savannah did a few posts back - i'd call those a WIN.  Until next time!


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