Sunday, March 25, 2012

What we like outside right now

We have been having so much fun enjoying outside.  This is just a little snip it of what we've been up to.  
More Savannah walking Brisco.  It's one of her new favorite things to do.  They're kinda of a great couple together because they both want to run all over the place.  He doesn't even pull her too much.  And Savannah's been really good at stopping at corners and waiting.  She's getting to big!

Oh hey - look what I spray painted :) I didn't even know we had these old flamingos, but then I found them in a box in the basement.  They were pretty faded, so I just went with it.  This one's for you Leann :) 

Travis got some new training wheels on this bike so now Savannah can fly.  She wants to ride all the time.  This day they were out in the rain.  She takes putting her helmet on pretty seriously. 

Hope you're enjoying your spring time too!


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