Tuesday, March 13, 2012

not Discovering Patterns

I hosted Savannah's preschool class on Friday.  It was really fun.  
We have a sort of outline that I put together to help us know what topics to teach about - it helps us make sure that the kids don't learn about letter A and the color Red every week.  So for some reason I put down "patterns" as my topic for the week.  Here are the kids making "pattern" prints with cookie cutters.  

Savannah (and one of the other kids) didn't really get it.  But they had fun.  And that's just as good.  At one point I had them in a circle on the floor and I was explaining what a pattern is with blocks - Savannah leaned over to Carter an whispered "Carter, let's pretend we're super heroes right now!".  
I was sitting right THERE teaching her!  Come on!

Other highlights from Friday, when Carter painted his face with finger nail polish when I wasn't looking and when all the kids got super into The book Going On A Bear Hunt.  


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