Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thoughts on a boy

So the big news is out - we're having a baby BOY!
I have to admit, I had a hard time with this in the beginning.  We took Savannah with us to the ultrasound and after waiting and waiting for the technician to measure the head size, body length, and I think the length of every bone in the babies' body, she finally announced that we were looking at a baby boy.  Savannah let out a cut lithe whimper - mostly because her and Travis had been debating the gender of the baby for months and she was wrong - then she and Travis celebrated with "YAY, A BROTHER!".  I, on the other hand was kinda sad.  I didn't know I'd be sad until the moment the words spilled out of her mouth.  I started thinking of all the fun things Savannah and I have enjoyed together and all the wonderful cute outfits and toys of hers that we will never use again.  We won't be calling this one our sweet little princess.  Or wrapping this one up in soft pink blankets.  This is our boy.

Today I'm okay with it.  We went shopping that day and found a few cute boy things.  That helped :)
Since then I have been becoming more excited about the thought of another Travis.  Another guy in the world who's father will teach him to be righteous and to be honoring to God and to people.  Another guy that will laugh and play and charm everyone.  It will be so much different, yes, but so right.  

Here's something else to put out there - 
Not only do I have several girly things that can go to a good home if anyone wants them, but we have a few needs since our last infant was 4 years ago: - if you have these things or see them on sale let me know! 
Baby Monitor
High Chair
Crib bedding
Pacifiers, bottles, and such that are not pink

Luckily we still have our car seats, stroller, crib, changing pad, and any other gender neutral big things! 


Rachel N.

If you have things to get rid of I'd dig through them and happily pay you for used items! Unfortunately we don't have any boy items or any of the bigger items to pass down. I am a fan of garage sales if you'd want to hit those up, though.

Bethany Sines

i totally feel the same way as you except with a girl. : ) neither of us are used to what we're having! haha. but I'm here to say that boys are the beeeessst. SO cute and funny and random and simple. : ) And obviously savannah shows that girls are pretty freaking adorable, too. joe and i always said that if we had a girl we would want her to be like savannah. : )

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