Saturday, January 5, 2013

Apps and Amenities

This first week of having a new born again has made me so so so thankful for my iPhone.  Not that things were rough with Savannah, but boy does technology make things easier!  There are a few apps that I have really appreciated in this time:

Camera Plus
I have had this for a while - I use it for all my picture taking. I think it cost me like $1.99 to buy and it was well worth it.  It takes faster pictures and lets you edit them and then save them to your camera roll.  I usually just download everything from my camera roll once a month or so and then delete most of it from my phone so it's nice that I only have the pictures I actually wanted to keep in the camera roll.  But mostly it's nice because it takes better pictures.  

Just got this one last Sunday, while we were in the hospital.  With Savannah we wrote down all her feedings and diapers and sleeping on a paper - not that it was so awful or anything, but it's just way nicer to have it on my phone, that is always with me, and doesn't require searching for pen.  It has timers on it so when we start a feeding I just hit the start button and let it go.  It also lets you go in and manually enter things, because I forget all the time to do it in the moment.  It was free.

This app was essential to our whole family in the hospital.  We've had this for a long time too and we use it in our room on the those nights when it's too cold for a fan in our room, and too warm for a space heater.  In the hospital it was great because there are so many sounds in the hall way and so many things to think about.  When it was time to sleep I'd just crank on the rain, and out we all went.  Charlie seemed to like it quite a bit there too.  Now that we're home we have another sound maker in his room (it's a sleep sheep stuffed animal that plays white noises - love it).  

Another more recent mention is the netflix app on my phone.  I brought some headphones up to our room and have been watching season 3 of Glee while I feed Charlie in the middle of the night. It's amazing how much quicker feedings go this way compared to when I just listen to the sound of his sucking and fight sleeping. 

And while we're at it, I'm giving a HUGE nod to the Hotel we stayed at... I mean Hospital we stayed at, Mary Greeley.  This place is NICE.  All the birthing rooms have a huge TV, a whirlpool bath, and people the bring you any kind of food, drink, or drug you want - straight to your bed!  I think the nurses here are more friendly than any hotel staff I've ever encountered.  

And here's another bonus - They'll do things like wheel your baby out and wash them in the middle of the night while you sleep!  The night Charlie was born everything didn't wind down until almost midnight.  Our nurse came in and said that it was time for his first bath, but if i'd rather sleep than watch, she would take him to the nursery and gladly take pictures for me.  How great was that?!  So Travis and I got to sneak in about an hour of sleep alone before the new parenting started.  I should also throw in that I did not change one diaper until we got home.  Love this place. 


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