Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two weeks later

We've been fairly silent with updates lately because there aren't many. Turns out raising a second infant is less eventful than the first. Charlie is definitely experiencing a much more laid back approach to parenting than Savannah was at this point in life. Of course, two weeks down the road with her we were just figuring out that she was lactose intolerant and we were in the middle of moving in with my parents.

Charlie is doing well. He is eating about every three hours around the clock and doing about half fussing and half sleeping during the times he's not eating. Unlike big sister as a Baby,Charlie loves to be swaddled an like to be carried around in a baby Bjorn carrier while I clean house. He is much more of a snuggler than our crazy girl was. We started giving him formula last week. Nursing, and all that goes with it, not only stresses me out and makes me feel violated, but it was also making me super depressed. I felt like I could never have anyone over or go anywhere. I know I didn't give it a very long shot, but Travis and I both agreed that in the long run formula was better for us. So now we are in trial and error mode with trying to find the right formula.

Savannah buns is great. She is getting more used to her role as big sister and since we changed our feeding strategy I have been able to spend more time with her. Every once and a while she gets upset - like when we tell her she has to quiet down or when we have to break the regular nap routine because Charlie needs me, but we are reminded that this is part of why we had another one. She's a wonderful and caring girl who is now discovering that not even my entire world is just about her - I'm hoping that this will give her an even greater desire to love people and love God.

Next week I start my way back to work at the church.  I have a couple meetings and things to go to, and I'm planning to bring baby Charlie to some of those.  If you think of if, please pray for him to be a good sleeper and to be quiet.  I feel a little like I'm diving into something that's totally unknown, which is strange because I've had this job for 6 years.   Here we go!


Bethany Sines

aaahh could you possibly have had cuter kids??!! i think not!!!!!!! charlie is just DELICIOUS!!

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