Tuesday, January 1, 2013


So, baby Charlie Baylor Pierce finally made it into the world!!!! We had to force him out a little with an induction, but after only about 8 hours of labor, he finally came! I plan to blog later with more birth details (for people who like that) and also with some apps I'm really thankful for the last couple weeks. For now I'll give you what you probably want : a quick run down of how we are and some pictures.

Charlie: doing great. He has been eating and sleeping like a two week old, which makes scenes seeing as though he would be two weeks old had he come on time. When he screams, one thing that almost always calms him (even I only for a few minutes) is his big sister singing to him. He's already addicted to a pacifier - whoops and slightly dependent on the sound of rain when he sleeps.

Savannah: loves being a big sister ad care taker. She scolds me if I go get him from his room without her. She needs to know where he is and what he's Doug at all times. She over showers him with kisses and hugs and songs. Today when he was crying for a while I found her siting at her little card table with head phones on coloring. She said she just needed a little break. Isn't she the best? She has been an amazing helper already with laundry, dinner, and diaper changing. I'm so proud of her!

Travis: after two nights in the recliner at the hospital (the only thing we did not live about our stay there), Travis was sooo glad to sleep at home. He's been completing list after list for me of house work the last 24 hours. He loves being a daddy of a boy. Travis is also the diaper changer around here - which means he's been peed on several times because we keep forgetting that boys squirt ya!

Me: I'm tired, but not exhausted. I have no idea how to care for two kids, but
People say it will come. I have a hard time relaxing and resting, but I really want to. Junk food has taken over my life, but I figure I have a week or so left of guilt free eating, then I should probably wise up. So bring on the cakes and cookies! I'm enjoying Savannah and Charlie most as siblings. I love them separately too, but it's just magical to see them interact.


Katie Rose

congratulations! he is just darling. i love what you wrote about loving seeing them as siblings. it is magical!

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