Friday, May 10, 2013


We recently started paying Savannah for doing small chores around the house. She can earn 25 or 50 cents at a time depending on the chore.  When she gets them done she has a little magnet board we keep track of them on.  I saw the whole deal on Pinterest - it's working out great.  She gets paid about once a week and the most I have paid her at one time is $2.50.  When she wants something now - like candy or dumb toys or stuff at garage sales - we are trying to make her spend her own money. 

A couple weeks ago our church took an offering.  This has never been done in Cornerstone history!  We asked Savannah if she wanted to participate and she was pretty excited.  She ran to her money box (a pink princess plastic container) and got out HALF of her money.  It was only 4 quarters, but all she knows at this point was that she had 8 moneys, and she wanted to give 4.

A couple days later I remembered that we still needed to send money to our friend for her missions trip to India.  Savannah had asked me something about being rich - like she thought it was a really bad thing to be rich.  I explained to her that it's okay to be rich, just not greedy.  I don't remember the conversation (I'm sure it was incredibly spirit lead and impressive) but we ended with her wanting to send money to our friend for her trip to India too.  So I told Savannah she could give whatever she wanted.  She went to her money box and got out 6 quarters - leaving herself with 3.

I was really proud of her for so easily giving so much both times and was beginning to be challenged by her generosity.  The. I thought "we'll of course she can give so much.  She knows her parents will always make sure she has everything she needs - and still get her some of the things she wants. What does she have to worry about?"

And then it hits me - childlike faith.  There it is again.  Thank You Jesus for continuing to use this girl to teach me your ways and your heart.  May I have the same faith in You, the King of the universe and my Father, that she has in me, a sinful creation! 


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