Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The girl

Now, Charlie is constantly changing and growing, but we can't let him have all the blog love! 
Savannah is going to be five this month - she's so so so much fun! I think these pictures say a lot.

She is pretty thrilled with herself for being able to go down poles all by herself.  I'm pretty thrilled too.  It's kind of awkward standing under the pole helping her do it. 

She dresses herself every day.  She's pretty creative. 

Another first this year - pumping on the swings completely alone.  She can get on, get going, and keep going for a LOOOONG time.  All by herself!

I think she took this one by herself.  I don't know why that face :) 
Other note worth Savisms:  Loving super heroes right now.  We watch Xmen almost every day.  She'd love to have a super hero birthday party.  Savannah dresses herself up like a super hero almost every day.  It's always a different outfit though. She is talking a lot about cutting her hair short - but we're going to sit on that for a while.  

This is her - always finding something new to do where ever she is. 


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