Thursday, May 30, 2013

Savannah's "party themed" party

Savannah had been planning her birthday party for about a year.  Sometimes it was going to be a super hero party where everyone dresses up like heros and we shoot bad guys.  Other times it was a princess and prince party where we all dress like royalty and dance like at a ball.  And other days it was a pirate theme, or a pony theme, or a musketeer theme, or a mermaid/ocean theme.  Each one with extensive details on what everyone wears and what we do.  Travis was playing along and dreaming with all of this, but me being the realist in the family could not.  So when we finally went shopping for invitations for Savannah's party, you can imagine how relived I was when I convinced her that we should have a "party" theme for her party.  We got cupcake themed invites and glittery party hats.  I told her we could do all kinds of games and any kind of cake.  It worked!  

It was raining on the day of her party, but that didn't stop the 11 kiddos and 9 adults from partying on.  We had a piñata (and yep, someone got hit with the bat), and we played a few other games.  Then we had some cake.  The kids had gotten these funny face glasses from the piñata and Savannah insisted on leaving hers on the rest of the party.  She served all her friends cake, telling each one "My name is Craig" or "My name is Charlson".  Guess she felt like my dad in those things :)  They were all cracking up the whole time.  She really values being funny. 

The last game we played was "throw water balloons at the dad".  This is a classic for birthdays in our family.  On my 5th birthday we had just moved into a new house and I guess my dad didn't have much time to plan (or so the legend goes) so he just got a bunch of water balloons and let us throw them at him.  I still remember that as one of my fondest childhood memories.  So even though it was cold and rainy, Travis manned up and let the kids throw balloons at him.  My dad had to get into the game too - kind of a way to pass on the torch. 

Thanks everyone that came and thanks everyone for loving on our sweet Savannah for another year! 


Katie Rose

that is so funny about throwing water balloons at your husband! he sounds like a great guy.

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