Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The day she turned five

So I'm a few days behind here.  Big weekend!  You were probably  checking my blog every day for updates, weren't you.  Nah - you were having a great weekend too!  

It happened.  My  baby girl turned FIVE.  I have told her over and over that she will always be my baby - which usually ends up with me breaking into song doing my best Mariah Carey.  

Savannah had school on her Birthday this year.  She loved that she did.  She brought Zebra cakes (by her request) because she knew all her friends would like them.  I went in to see her during her recess and she was having a blast.  Some people would be bummed that they had school on their Birthday but this girl loves school so much that she'd rather have it that way!  

(The picture is her running away from her two friends.  They play monster every day. )
 Last year we started a new tradition of birthday photo shoot.  Having an iphone that takes great pictures and has awesome editing options makes this easy.  
Anyway, I noticed that she was much more serious about the whole thing this year. Maybe because it was later in the day and she was a little tired, but partly because she's starting to have more sense of what she likes and her image.  It was only a matter of time before it happened.  We are trying to teach her to not take herself seriously.  Growing up in this house you just can't! 

After the big shoot we went to dinner at Hickory Park.  She wanted pink pop and ice cream.  They sang their Birthday song to her.  She was kind of funny about that this year.  Every time people sang to her she got kind of embarrassed.  She told me it made her shy.  I understand.  It's hard to know how to respond to that.  

Oh, and look who sat in a high chair for the first time?  Charlie baby loved Savannah's Birthday too.  He loves loves loves her already.  They both look a little grumpy here, but it was a rare moment.  We had her party a few days later so I'll post on that later.  Makes me a little to sentimental to post it all at once! 


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