Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A couple of books I have loved lately (and I'm not really a reader):
Lies Women Believe has been a very refreshing book for me. I got it with the intention to read it so that I would have a few extra "tid bits" to give to the girls when I'm counseling them on THEIR lives. Little did I know that I was unknowingly believing all kinds of lies that satan is telling me. I read this book a few months ago, but keep going back to reference certain parts. There is a section that addresses the lie "I can't control my emotions" - it's really good! I think all women should read it. It's broken up into really small parts so you really could just read it for 5 minutes a day. We all have that, right?

I have always had the inner urge to create things. Crafty Mama is perfect for someone like me who has no "real" artistic ability but really wants to make fun stuff. It has a bunch of cute projects for babies, toddlers, and yourself too. I'm currently working on a felt book for Savannah that has pictures of everyone in our family. I work on it during her afternoon nap some times. This one isn't as soulish as the other, but it does help me relax a little.




i LOVE lies women believe! (although i don't totally agree with her on the family planning issue, i must say.)

and i totally agree on the need to create - i've been feeling that urge, especially since spring, er, sprung, but i'm at a loss for what exactly i should make. i'm thinking cloth diaper covers? the felt book sounds cute!

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