Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good on Ya Dad!

My Dad left for Zambia, Africa today.  (He's the one on the left below)
If you know my dad at all then you know he was designed by God to help people in any way he can - especially by using the skills and talents that God has blessed him with.  God put a desire to do that inside him a long time ago, even before he was totally following Christ.  I saw that desire lived out all the time growing up watching his interaction with neighbors, employees and friends, but he could never go on missions trips to help the truly truly needy because of work and money. On a side note - I am so lucky that my dad is MY dad.  Not many people get to know the love and the care that I have always had in my dad - not to mention the hilarious sense of humor!  I'm so glad that today, my 50 year old dad finally got to leave for Africa to do JUST what he was designed to do!  As I prayed for him today I thought of Psalm 67 -  we used to say it every Sunday at our church growing up, well, the first part anyway. 
" May the Lord Bless him (my dad) and keep him.  May the Lord His face to shine upon him.  That Your ways would be known on earth, Your salvation among the nations!" 

The right response with the right motive.  Can't wait to hear about it Dad!


The Grout Family

I didn't know your dad was heading to Zambia!! How awesome that God is using his skills to help out w/things over there! BTW - super cute pic of Savannah w/her sign! :D

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