Saturday, March 28, 2009

That's Amore'

Last night was our annual Girls Formal Dinner with Escape.  It was fantastic!  We had set places for 96 girls and 95 showed up.  I was talking with the cooks (an amazing couple at our church) before I left at 10:30 and they told me that they always just trust God when they buy food for things like this and they just hope it works out - When they were plating up the food someone came back and told them that everyone was served and when they looked down all that was left was 4 pieces of asparagus!  So numbers wise, God totally came through last night.  Reminds me of the stories in Matthew that we've been talking about at Cornerstone on the weekend.  

The decorations were stunning!  We had hung paper lanterns from the ceiling, cloth banners on the walls, candles and flowers on the tables, low lights, a place for taking pictures, menus, programs, ice sicle lights, and so much more.  The guys put on the entertainment, as usual.  Clint came up with a halarious musical about a guy who wants to be the best pasta cheff in the world.  High school boys are awful at acting, but that's what makes is even better! Then Mark Arant and Todd Wallace came out and talked about being a father and loving their daughters.  It was excactly what I was hoping for when I asked them to come!  They are both very tender hearted when it comes to that subject and I loved that in talking about the value of THEIR daughters, they made the girls there feel valuable to God.  After that Cody did a performance of a Taylor Swift song.  The girls did look a little frightend.  Then a couple high school boys did a dance to the song "Single Ladies".  To tell you the truth, they stole the show!  There's something about two guys putting themselves out there like that that just draws you in.  

Anyway, I'm very pleased with how the night turned out.  Really, we just had the perfect storm of all the best people in the best places!  Planning this event is always a little bit of a thorn in my side since I'm not really the "formal" type but this year really did go well, despite me.  Thanks to anyone who helped who reads this.  Until next year!  (pictures to come)


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