Monday, March 30, 2009

picture catch up

Here are some pictures from last weekend: 

Saturday we went to pick my dad up from the airport.  It was Savannah's first time to the airport.  It's weird but I never thought about all the weird germs that were there until I saw my baby crawling on the floor. 

Here's my dad right after we brought him home.  It was snowing in Iowa, but since he gave away all his clothes (except the ones he had on), he had to wear dirty work shorts and a Hawiian shirt all the way home.  He was a little scruffy and tired. 

This is Travis and I at our Girls Formal Dinner.  I think this is the first picture of just US since last may.  

Here's our friends Clint and Miranda at the dinner.  I'll tell you their story one of these days.  I think God laughs a little when he thinks about it - I do.  
This is how we roll. You're never too young to start doing chores...without pants on. 
Savannah's FAVORITE thing right now is looking out the window.  One of my friends says she's learning how to act from the dog... window looking, begging for food and crawling.  



You can do most chores without pants on... except maybe mowing the lawn...

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