Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ridin the Nar..or not

(Ignor the title)
Travis and I went on a ski/shopping trip with some Escape students last weekend. It was our first whole weekend away from Savannah, but it went pretty well. See highlights below:

Me, Jacey, and Anna out on the slopes. I didn't acutally hit the slopes myself.

Travis and the mighty Jeff Dodge. He spent pretty much 48 straight hours with Jeff. Between the two of them the stories never end!

The girls outside of IKEA. You know this is my favorite place, right? We had the 1.99 breakfast and then I shopped till I dropped. I heard they just sat on some rugs in the store and waited. Then we all went to the mall. Good times.

This is a place in Clear lake that we ate at on the way up called The Barrell.. it's shadey.

Here's some of the snow boards lined up at the ski "shack" that we stayed in. 12 Freshman boys, 4 high school girls, 7 leaders, all day snowboarding, no showers taken. You do the math. We all slept in one room together and you had to go to another building to use the bath room.
IT was a good weekend.


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