Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas round 2

We celebrated Christmas with my parents yesterday.  It was a pretty fun time. It was kinda awesome because we waited until new years day to go shopping and everything was like at least %50 off!  For breakfast my mom made "man-cake pancakes" - it was a recipe I found online that uses beer instead of water.  Travis LOVED them.  Me, not so much, but I don't typically like beer anyway.  

Then we did some gifts.  Savannah got her own lip gloss from my mom.  Looks pretty hot! 

We gave my dad black olives and batteries.  When he was a kid I guess they didn't get good stuff like that very often so he tried to shop lift a package of batteries and a can of black olives.  On his way out of the store he got busted and they chased him down across the parking lot.

Savannah also got a trunk full of princess dress up clothes.  She has been doing almost nothing but taking clothes off and putting new ones on for the last 2 days.  She especially likes the clip on plastic earrings and the heels.

Here's her big gift.  
My dad made Savannah her first big girl bed!  
He's really amazing at what he can do.  I'm pretty sure I blogged about a year ago about all the hand crafted items around our house from him. This entire bed is made and decorated with his own hands!

 The headboard of the bed is a little house with wood shingles.   There are several little cut outs / shelves in the house, each installed with LED lights.  The on/off button is right inside the bottom and easy to push so that Savannah can wake up and turn the lights on at night if  she gets scared.
My dad, knowing of Savannah's obsession with owls, also got her this little owl family to live in the house and "keep watch over her at night".  She's been waking up lately after having bad dreams or just feeling afraid of the dark, so any help is good help!  The bed totally matches her room too!  I put her blankets on on it today.  She's SOOOO excited!
And here's how Travis usually spends holidays at my parent's house.  Can't blame him.


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