Friday, January 28, 2011

New Beginnings

Ya know how when you get married, you realize weird habits and thought patterns you'd always had that you didn't realize were that weird until you were suddenly living with another person that noticed them?  After Travis and I had been married a little while, I realized that I change my clothes and put make up on a lot through out one single day.  So instead of changing my habits, I just called it "New Beginnings" and "Make Up City".  That made it so that that Travis wouldn't ask me about it as much - because "hey - I'm having new beginnings here" or "well, it's just time for make up city!".  It worked. 

Savannah has recently gotten into New Beginnings herself.... it's only 2pm and here's what's she's worn today: 
Starts with jammers.  I mean, that's normal. (Notice, making a smoothie in our Ninja dealy - it's amazing!)
 Then we went to the blue dress with earrings, crown and necklace. 
 Moving on to the official Cinderella dress, complete with high heeled glass slippers...

 Then we went out and some errands.  I made her put normal clothes on for that, but she took them off the second we got home and put on this official Sleeping Beauty outfit.  She's holding the flower we got today with this "value card" we bought from one of our high school students.  We paid $20 for the card and take it in to get "free" flowers every month.  Pretty awesome!
 By the time we worked on baking cookies this is what she was down to.  Training pants and a necklace. 
Needless to say she went naked for about an hour after this picture before I made her put clothes on for her nap.  We'll see what happens when she wakes up.  My money is on something pink though.


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