Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Favortite Game

Have I mentioned that Savannah's FAVORITE game to play is "nite nite".  Where everyone takes turns pretending to go to sleep, then wake each other up.  Sometimes you get to fake snore, or Travis' favorite, you can pretend that you wont wake up unless you are awakened with a kiss.  She just loves it.  Does it all the time.  

In other news, Savannah could not poop for over 3 days and obviously had some in there wanting to come out.  She was in tears most of the day yesterday saying "oweeyyy, my booty!".  So I tried having her drink a lot of juice, and eating fruit in the morning, and we tried caffine (a Coke) and black licorice, and even some organic laxitives, and let's not forget the 3 baths in hot water and baking soda.  Finally last night I brought her over to my parent's hot tub to swim, hoping to relax her a little.  It worked!  I think the combo of warm water and actually swimming around finally got it out.  That's the story. 


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