Wednesday, January 19, 2011

evidence of life

Savannah has just gone down for her afternoon nap and I am doing my usual quick pick up of the house.  {it's the only time of day that I get to enjoy living in a somewhat clean environment!} I usually just walk through the house picking up toys, papers, crayons, whatevers, and putting them where they go.  But today as I started at it, I stopped and looked again.  This is what I was about to pick up, 

I know it just seems like a mess at first, right?  But something in me stopped(likely the holy spirit who is constantly teaching me to enjoy life) and thought "I love that my little girl was playing here".  Seeing her little earring on the floor next to her little purse with my memory verse cards all in front of the dogs dish made me stop and imagine, what was she doing here?  Could have been anything, knowing her - really anything!  But what God wanted me to see right now was the Evidence of the life, joy, and imagination of my sweet Savannah.  Not a mess.

When am I going to stop seeing the "messes" around me and start seeing the evidence of all the gifts and wonders God has blessed me with?

Here's us just messing around with Photo Booth on my computer earlier.  She loves taking pictures of us on it!  I love taking pictures of us on it!

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