Friday, January 14, 2011

Reading our Bibles

The reason I haven't posted all week is because we were reading our Bibles.  We are SOOO Holy.  *Insert Sarcasm here please * 
Actually, I did want to mention though that I've been reading my new HSCB (Cornerstone is switching translations this spring).  It's great to have a totally fresh translation to study!  I like that the HSCB is a little more word for word than the NIV even because it really challenges me to study and reflect more on what I'm reading. 

Here is an example of excellent parenting.  The other day Savannah told me she wanted to play in the snow.  It was only like 20 degrees outside and I hate cold so I bundled her up and sent her out - while I watched from the living room :) 

 Here's Savannah showing off the robe that Travis and I got her for Christmas. We got it like 2 sizes too big.  This was one of those things that she can easily grow in to.  She loves it.


jessica kiehn

What does HSCB stand for? Did you know that was Kevin's band's name, haha? Holy Spirit Chain Breaker.

Savannah, lookin good in that robe dahlin'.
and your smiles at the end is the exact same, it's so sweet.

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