Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fantastic Fourth of Fuly

Here's kind of late update on what we did on the Fourth of Fuly (everything is more fun with alliteration)

There was some boating involved, as usual. 

I dont have pictures, but I should mention that this weekend was Savannah's first time tubing behind the boat! She hated it.  The whole time she just complained and asked if we could stop and go swimming.  Oh well.  Someday she'll understand the thrill of it all.

Travis ran the 5K on the Fourth.  He hadn't run in at least a month, maybe 2.  He did pretty good.  His goal was to do it in 25 minutes and he ran in at 25:14.  Wouldnt you know it!?

When people started running in I got Savannah to clap for them.  It's so fun to get her involved in doing stuff and teaching her about how to appropriately fit into what everyone is doing.  She loves it when she knows she's doing what is right to do.

Savannah also started playing this "game" where she walks around with her eyes shut all the time....and sometimes she runs.  It's weird, but super funny!  Especially when she runs into people we dont know.

Here's Savannah Sue with Great Grandma Sue at the Parade.  It was a hot day, but I'd way rather have that then the cold day we had for VEISHA this year.  The parade was pretty short too.  Afterwards we went back to our house and swam for a bit.  Perfect Fourth of Fuly stuff!

Here's the eyes shut game to the extreme.  Putting stuff over your face and running around like a crazy person.

Last year we were in Florida on the Fourth so we stayed up late and watched fireworks from the balcony on the beach.  This year we went out to the park.  Travis was really excited that I approved Savannah trying out sparklers this year.  She was really into it for about 10 minutes.  Then she found a glow stick in my bag and got distracted.  She spend the entire time during the fireworks trying to not get tired.  She didnt watch them at all.  She just messed around.  Truth be told, I dont really like them very much either. I spent the entire time playing music on my ipod speakers.

Well, that's a wrap!


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