Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mommy Donny Day

Here's a couple pictures from the last time Savannah and I hung out just to hang out.  
She's been really really good lately, and I've been really busy with all kinds of meetings and hanging out with people for work.  I told Savannah we were going to have a Mommy Daughter day and we would go to the pet store, and the flower store, and the coffee shop and to the park and she said "okay mommy, but who you gonna talk to?"  
Poor kid.  She just assumes that I'm not going to talk to her.  
Here's the only way I could take our picture together. 

They had kittens at the pet store this time.  Savannah doesn't have much cat experience so it was pretty awesome.  She is so fascinated by all kinds of animals... by anything really.

And I also wanted to mention - Savannah passed the next level of swimming lessons last week!  Preschool II swimming class, you got nothing on this girl!


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