Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ten Minutes to Down Town Iowa City

Travis surprised me last weekend with a trip to Iowa City to see The Get Up Kids.  We used to listen to them when we were dating and even had one of their songs played at our wedding.  They "broke up" a long time ago, so it was really fun / nostalgic to see them again.  I dont think they have a song I dont like.  

Clint loves the Get Up Kids too.  They were popular when we met Clint, when he was in high school.  Since he lives in Iowa City it was only natural that he came with us to see them.  Like old times!
Jasey didn't discover The Get Up Kids until a couple years ago, but we let her in the club anyway since she loves them just as much as we do.
 I just realized that we all matched!  I was wearing a grey tank top.  I bed we looked super dorky!  Awe man!

Yeah, Travis and Jasey got their picture taken with guys from the band.  They both said they felt super cheesey, but it was worth it.  This is seriously one of the best bands ever.  No one makes music this good anymore.  (Does that sound like an old person talking or what?)


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