Thursday, July 14, 2011


My grandma Sue was in town last week.  It's always fun to see her.  Most of my life she has lived miles and miles away.  She's our namesake.  Or are we hers?  Not really sure how that works... But she's Sue Grable, my mom is Julie Sue Charlson, I am Wendy Sue Pierce, and Savannah is Savannah Sue Pierce. 

My Grandma Sue is really into genealogy, i mean REALLY into it.  She spends loads of time looking into who was who and where they lived and how they are related to everyone else.  So of course we always take a picture of the 4 generations of ladies when she's here.

I'm really glad that Savannah gets to know all her Grandparents pretty well and that she even gets to spend time with her Great Grandmas every once and a while.  She's a pretty lucky little girl!

How could I not???


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