Friday, July 15, 2011

Babysitter 911

I got this call from Jasey today (who graciously watched Savannah for me today for 4 hours!):
"Wendy!  Come home now!  Savannah pooped in the pool, then I had her take a shower and when I came back in she pooped all over the shower!"


Any advise on this matter is welcome.  How do I get my 3 year old to stop wetting her pants, her bed, and pooping in her pool and in the shower?  She knows how to use the potty, but these "accidents" happen way too often and I feel like intentionally.  

(by the way, i was already on the way home, so I did come home and help her.  And Savannah got spanked this time. )



isn't it frustrating when you KNOW they're capable of no-big-deal poops (simple pull-down-your-pants-crap-in-the-potty-and-call-it-good ones) but they just don't do it? (at least consistently.)

when we first moved up here, the transition seemed to cause atticus to regress a little and he started pooping in his diaper overnight, even though he knew how to hold it until he got to the potty. so i basically had to go back to potty training, offering him an m&m every time he pooped in the potty, but then i also started spanking him when he did poop in his diaper since the m&m's alone didn't really do the trick. it took about a month, but it seems we're back on track.

i have no idea if this is applicable to your situation or not, but know that i feel you! (although, cleaning it out of a diaper is nothing compared to cleaning it out of a pool/shower/piece of playground equipment, so i can't really say much.)

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