Friday, October 21, 2011

Between me and Jesus

Confession Session!
At Escape the other night we were given a paper to write down the thing(s) that get in the way of our hearts connecting to Jesus.  The examples given were hobbies, relationships, interests....I started to write and was a little surprised and what exactly came out.  We were suppossed to throw our papers away to symbolize that we were getting rid of those things, but I didn't.  Part because I wanted to read mine later and think about it more, but maybe part because I wasn't ready to....

What gets in the way?  My own style.  Will be be able to dress in what I want?  Will my house look how I want?  Can I cook or blog or craft the things that express who I want to be and how I want to be seen?  I worry, focus, search, and work to that end, while ignoring the glorious riches Christ has for me.  Ignoring the "style" He wants for me.  Am I willing to take on the style of a homeless carpenter? He had nothing because He gave everything.   My tendency is to let all the things he's given me to express how he's made me become who I am, when who I should be is a Christian.  

I was further challenged in a Bible study this week when a girl said "When people think of me, I'm sure they think "Christian" as one of my many attributes, but ideally I think God would have it be THE THING they think of."


jessica kiehn

This is good that you see what you'd like to change. that's the first step, if you ask me. Aren't you thankful the Spirit reveals to you what needs correction, then like a loving Father shows you HOW. I love Him!

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