Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hide and Preschool

Savannah has been playing hide and seek a lot lately.  It's her fave. It's really funny when she plays it when we're on walks though.  Here - can you find Savannah?

We decided to start doing a Preschool Co-op thing this fall.  Savannah has a handful of friends that are her age - not quiet ready for preschool - but ready to play and learn with others.  So we set it up where each mom takes turn hosting and teaching all the kiddos once a week.  So that means I have them once every 4 weeks.  No Problemo!  My turn was last Friday and it was a super blast!  I loved it.  We talked about weather and made wind socks.  

One of my best friends from forever, Meghan, had a baby the other day.  I think she was in labor for like 10 minutes.  Since Savannah LOVES Meghan's two older kids we had them over the other night.  It was really fun and we attempted to make Jar-O-Lanterns. The kids all chose to use pink paint, it didn't really work.  But it was super fun!  I love that Savannah and Meghan's kids get along so well.


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