Friday, October 28, 2011


Here's a quick update on the kinds of things that have been happanin around here (yeah, i know it's spelled wrong - this time it was intentional).

We took a family trip to Ankeny last weekend - like 30 minutes away - and went to TJMaxx.  Who doesn't love that store?  I have never left TJMaxx without feeling like I got a steal!  Actually, I was changing my shirt in the car when we left (the shirt I had on smelled weird like dinner and i was excited about my new shirt) and Travis actually accused me of having stolen the new shirt from the store!  He said he was shocked but he would not have made me return the shirt......
Anyway - we told Savannah where we were headed and this is how she left the house.

I should tell you that the green lunch box has a sweet potato, and onion, and a head of garlic in it.  I guess she wanted to be ready for anything!

Savannah started her second session of "Tumbling Tykes" last week.  It's just a kiddo gymnastic class.  It's 30 minutes long and she goes to it alone!  I sit outside a read or catch up on stuff.  It's great for both of us.  On the first day of class the parents are supposed to sit in and watch.  You can guess which one is mine...she's a great listener :)  I had to leave the room after 10 minutes because she kept coming over to tell me stuff.

Here's something new.  Pretending to sleep at the table because Daddy said "Do you want to finish dinner or just go up to bed right now...."

And when you get bored of sitting at the table pretending to sleep - just get up and walk away with your eyes closed.  No one will notice.  They'll all think you're just sleeping so you are unable to finish your dinner....

I'll say it again.... 3 is the best!


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