Thursday, October 27, 2011

Live Strong Travis Pierce

We had a little scare around here this week.  Saturday night Travis discovered a lump in a place on his body that no man wants to have a lump.  He had intended on going to the doctor at the end of this month because of business at work, but then last night decided he should take it a little more serious.  He did some research on WebMD and here are some of the one-liners that have been flying around here - we've been teasing about us saying these things now that we know everything is mostly ok.  - Turns out the it's several cysts.

Travis: I looked at WebMD and I am 100 percent sure that I have cancer.
Me: People always look at WebMD and freak out, it's probably not that serious.
The Nurse: Everyone looks at WebMD and tries to diagnose themselves...sigh.

Travis: I have cancer, I can just feel it.
Me just before Travis goes back to the clinic to see the radiologist: Well if they try to make you pay the $15 co-pay again, don't.  Tell them you were already there today. (I guess this made Travis feel like it wasn't worth $30 to find out if he was going to die soon or not)

Travis: I prayed and told God that I know he probably wont hear me because I tell bad jokes sometimes  and I'm not that good, but I prayed he would here Todd and Jeff's prayers because they are REALLY righteous!

Travis: Are those the results?
Doctor: It is not a Tumor.  (I have no idea what her voice sounded like because all I could hear was the line from Kindergarten Cop).
Me: If you have to have surgery you should try to have it after the first of the year so your deductible will count for the next 12 months after that.

Travis: We're going to dinner tonight!  I don't have cancer!
Me: You do realize you didn't actually beat cancer, right?

Anyway, it's a group of cysts.  He goes into a Urologist the second week of November.  We'll know more from there but for now, it's not life threatening.  So we're okay!  We did celebrate with a family trip to Orange Leaf today.  Lots of ups and downs today, but we made it, and we're okay.  It was for sure a demonstration though of Travis and my different personalities and ways of looking at the world.  I love him and I'm so so glad he's okay and so so glad we get to keep him!


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