Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big sister class

We're having a baby brother!  I know that's not new news to anyone, but it's big news around here every single day.  Savannah especially is consumed with things she'll teach him, things they'll do together, and how she's going to help him and take care of him - so when I saw that there was a Big brother Big sister class at the hospital coming up, and it was free, I signed her right up. 

The class was a little over an hour long and parents didn't stay for most of it - but here's what Savannah told us she learned: How to hold a baby with it's head in your elbow, how to feed a baby, and how to diaper a baby.  She also made a bib for the baby, got a pin to wear around and a diaper to take home to practice with.  

We popped into the class just in time to see them learning to diaper the baby.  You can't tell by this picture, but Savannah was totally locked into the lesson and even watched super closely to each person taking their turn trying it.  Then she had her turn to try and did amazing.  This girl is ready for her new role in life!  I can't wait to see her in action!

The last part of the class was a tour of the Birthways floor at the hospital so they could all see where the baby would be born.  It was a little crazy for Travis and I to go up there again and think about going through it all.  We are not taking the birthing class again.  But Travis keeps reminding me that last time one of the nurses told him that he was the best husband / coach she had ever seen - some how I have no memory of this but he swears it happened.  


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