Thursday, October 25, 2012

Portland highlights

Savannah and I and my Dad are back from our trip out East now.  It has taken a couple of days, but we may be starting to catch up on our rest.  There is something to be said about the weariness of A.Traveling while 7 months pregnant and B. Traveling with a 4 year old that doesn't adjust to time travel (you might call it time zones).  Savannah woke up almost every day we were there around 4:30am (which was 6:30am Iowa time) and we were up late most nights.  With our flights being a little later on the way home we didn't actually get to bed until 12:45am (Tuesday morning) and guess who was up and ready to go by 7am!? Savannah went to school yesterday and everything!
She didn't have school today so we got to sleep in a little and i'm crossing my fingers hoping for a long nap!  

Here's a few highlights from our days: 

Spending quality time with Grandma Mary.  Savannah really enjoyed her back yard as well.   We got some good solid time in with our family out there that we don't get to see too often.  The last time I was out there was at least 8 years ago.  

My aunts bought her a princess dress from the Disney store.  I had told her that we couldn't afford one and she was great about picking out some little rings instead of a dress.  After we bought the rings my aunts to Savannah that THEY were getting her one.  The first picture is right when she found out - the second one is her in the dress. 

Here's some shots of the trip home.  Savannah did great traveling.  It was a really long day, but she did awesome about keeping things moving along and having a great attitude.  She was so excited.  She talked and sang almost the ENTIRE time!  Better than screaming and whining I guess!  

A little out of oder but whateves - 
We went into downtown Portland one day for lunch and ate at this place that was 13 stories up.  Good thing we love heights! :) 


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