Sunday, October 7, 2012


Just a handful of random pictures of our lives the last couple weeks: 

I like this one.  I like them all.  But this was taken one day right when Savannah came down from her nap.  She just snuggled up with Brisco and laid there half asleep for about 10 minutes.  

I was having a really rough day - physically tired and not feeling well which lead to heightened emotions and depression.  When I picked Savannah up from school we went to the grocery store - she was so so fun and good and we picked up a Pizza for lunch on our way home.  This face can so make my day. 

Hahahaha.  Travis "sacrificially" got up with Savannah at 7am on Saturday so that I could sleep in.  Savannah came and got me 30 minutes later and I found this on the couch :) 
I'll redeem this but telling you that he spent the ENTIRE Saturday working on chores and projects for me around the house.  

Savannah knows that a clean house means a lot to me.  
She wanted to play store in the toy room last week so she cleaned the whole room up all by herself.  (Trust me, it was crazy messy before this)
You can see the pride beaming from her face. 

I know this is really sad and if you've seen the cat pictures on facebook you probably think I take way too many pictures of my child crying.  This one is great though because it was right after I had told her that my dad had gotten a ticket for not wearing a seat belt.  She was so so concerned and worried for him.  It took pretty much all day and a face to face conversation with Grandpa to calm her down.  She's so caring. 

This is just us messing around eating Trader Joes suckers.  


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