Monday, October 8, 2012

Field Trip Day!!

Savannah's class had a field trip to a local apple orchard today.  
This was great for 2 reasons: 1. I got to spend time with Savannah, her teachers and her new friends and 2. We got to go to the orchard that usually costs $10 a person for free! :) 

Here are a couple pictures of Savannah with her friends.  When I met the class at the orchard she was holding hands with her friend below and when she saw me she got all mad and told me to go away.  She wouldn't even sit by me on the hay ride.  She's so independent!  I had a little convo with her about talking nicely to me, but over all I'm glad she is enjoying her friends at school.  

Here's the whole gang.  The woman in the middle is her teacher, Ms Suzanne. The other two are the helpers - Ms Irena and Ms Meghan.  They are all so great with the kids. 

This place has it all!  
A pool of corn - it's kind of hard to run in according to Savannah.
A jumping pillow to bounce all over. 
And picking your own pumpkins. 
After the class went home on the bus, we got to stay a while and play with a friend of ours from church and her daughter that is also in Savannah's class. Savannah was sad to miss the bus ride - it was one of her favorite parts of the day.  But we stayed about another hour, then we hit the jack pot at the apple store on our way out.  We may have gone overboard, but we were HUNGRY!


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