Thursday, October 11, 2012

He's coming for sure

I decided I should consider taking more pregnancy pictures than I was.  I might want to look back some day and remember this time.  It's no secret that I don't love this phase of life, but it's life and it's given to me by God so I'll work to appreciate it more - kinda like winter. 
I've been feeling a lot of kicking and wiggling lately.  They told me at the doctor to make sure that I count 10 movements within a two hour time period.  Every time I have sat down to count I get to 10 in about 4 minutes.  We're in for another wild child I think.  

Just for fun I found this picture of 32 weeks with Savannah.  I have a few pictures still on Myspace - can you believe that!  Who uses Myspace anymore?
I think I can safely say I am feeling a little better over all this time around.  My biggest complaint is that I have been just so stinking tired.  And when I nap I feel worse.  But if I don't nap then I am dead after 6pm.  I guess things could be much worse.  


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