Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We had an awesome weekend celebrating dads around here.  
Every year for the last 8 years (since the year before Travis and I got married) we have had an "Annual Father's day fishing tournament - sponsored by mom".  It is the only day of the summer that I really fish - hardly worth the $20 fishing license (thanks mom for buying mine again this year).   My dad, Travis and I all throw out lines and fish all day.  We've had changes in the rules, in the standards, in prizes, and in categories - but one thing never changes - I ALWAYS WIN.... until this year.   Because of all the extra rain we've had recently, fishing was pretty slow going and Travis beat us all. He won "biggest fish", "most variety of fish", and "first fish".  There's always next year. 

Another highlight of the day was when Savannah just couldn't take it any longer and zonked out on the boat for a little over an hour.  She doesn't usually nap out in the open like that so I had some fun taking pictures. 

Things Savannah and I like about both our dad's:
They love their daughters a ton and they let us know it by all the time they spend with us. 
They always try their hardest to do the thing that most glorifies the Lord. 
They are pretty funny and entertaining dudes. 
There isnt' much they wouldn't do for their families. 

We love you guys!


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