Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Running....

Dear Running, 
I must confess... I have always hated you. Remember when I was in 2nd grade learning about health and the teacher said that if we are healthy we could run around the block without feeling tired - well that would have made me tired, so I think that's when I started hating you.  Then in 7th grade when we were told to run the mile, and I was super slow so I just walked... yeah, hated you then too.  Then the summer before I got pregnant you started to seem a little more appealing, but then I got pregnant and tired and I hated you. 

Then this winter something happened.  I was bored with the work out videos, bored with the couch, and decided to give you another try.  We started slowly, but have started spending some good quality time together.  So I will say, I am actually starting to love you.  Do I like the way I feel when we're together - not really.  But you make me feel pretty good when we're apart.  I like you better outside, better with music, and better when I can be with you longer.  Thank you running, for not giving up on me. 
- Wendy Pierce

Annnd a picture for Travis. (he hates it when I don't post pictures of Savannah with every post)


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