Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Florida Day 1

So, Day 1 isn't officially Florida yet.  We're staying at a Hotel in Minneapolis because our flight takes off tomorrow morning at 7:45am.  We left Ames around 2 this afternoon and drove straight up here.  We had planned on Savannah sleeping on the way up, but that didn't happen.  She was pretty quiet most of the ride. She watched the Little Mermaid twice.  Travis loves that I know the lyrics to all the songs - actually, he loves how serious I take myself when I sing the songs.  We went right to the Mall of America when we got to town.  Got some hot deals on some jeans, shirts, and a tutu.  Then we tried to hit up Ikea for dinner, but it turns out we were 30 seconds too late!  So forget Ikea (until we fly back into Minneapolis anyway) and we had dinner at Subway.  I had forgotten to print off our itinerary from Expedia so I didn't even know where we were staying tonight. Totally unlike me.  But luckily I got ahold of Jasey who did some quick work on the computer and found it for me.  We got here, spent about 30 minutes settling in, and put Savannah to bed in her pack and play.  This is our first Hotel stay with Savannah.  I sat in the bathroom while Travis sang and read to her. She whined a little when he put her down but went out pretty fast.  Then we came out into the hall way (where I am right now) and messed around on the computer for about an hour.  So.... Day 1 down.  Sweet Jesus, just get us to Florida already!


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