Monday, June 28, 2010


We had a super fun, super busy weekend.  Where do I even begin.... 

Thusday: Savannah and I wrapped up our mommy and me swimming lessons.  We had a good couple of weeks going and splashing around in 3 ft water for 40 minutes every morning.  I think she did pick up a few things.  She just loves water no matter where or what is happening. 

Friday: We headed to Des Moines for a wedding rehearsal.  Travis was an usher so we had it pretty low key.  We showed up, hung around, then got to eat at Noodle Zoo in the East Village.  It was so good and Savannah got her own "special drink" - yes, that's right Grammy - she had her own orange pop and I gave it to her.  She obviously loved it!

After dinner we went to House of Bricks (a music venu/bar in the East Village).  The couple that was getting married threw themselves a show to make some extra cash.  I heard they did pretty well.  Savannah played with Jackson ( our friends Matt and Tiffany's kid).  Her hair looks so white trash in this picture.   They were shooting some big deer here.  I love that Savannah just jives with whatever we do as long as she can run around. 

Saturday: Our friends the Bartons had a little party to celebrate their second child.  Savannah played with these two 3 year old girls the whole time.  She got to wear a princess dress.  That was the best part for her.  It was fun to just hang out with some friends and catch up.

The wedding in Des Moines started at 7pm, but we got there early.  I roamed around some shops and did some work on the computer.  The groom was our friend Matt Cooper, AKA Coopstar.  We met him when I worked at Franks House of Rock.  He was just a messed up 15 year old then.  Jesus got ahold of his life and now he's finishing up school and going to be a child phycologist. We call HIM now for advice on messed up kids.  We are pretty proud of him. 

Just a picture of the place the wedding was. 
The flowers had peacock feathers in them!

Sunday: We had our regular go to church and then a missions meeting.  Our Panama team is really fun.  We'll be taking a group of 22 down with us July 21- 29th.  We had to give Jasey, Graeme, and Madeline rides home after church. Sav rode home with my parents so Graeme rode in the car seat. He had pop and donut all over his face.

Sunday night our connection group met at Roosevelt school in Ames for some live music and reconnecting.  We love our Connection Group.  They are pretty fun people.  There are a bunch of kids close to Savannah's age, and some older kids too.  Not to mention the parents of all these kids!  We could never do life with out them!

On that night was Dave Zollo and the Body Electric.  They were awesome.  We would love to see them again anytime!
And here we are at Monday.  Today has been filled with teaching school, church staff meetings, packing for Florida later this week, mowing, Bible studies, and now our friends Clint and Miranda (who are leading a group of high schoolers to China tomorrow) are staying with us so it looks to be a late night!  Whew!
Adios Amigos!


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