Friday, June 18, 2010

Another awesome week of summer down.  Some highlights: 
- We started parent/child swimming lessons at the Ames indoor pool.  For the most part we just play around in 3 foot water for 35 minutes every morning.  There are only 8 lessons total so I'm okay with it.  If nothing else, Savannah is learning how to swim by watching the older kid's lessons!

- We went to Ada Hayden a couple of times and walked/jogged.  I'm considering getting a jogging stroller.  Travis says he would use it a lot, and I did enjoy the jogging we did with her regular stroller.  Something to consider.  Normally I run on the treadmill when she takes a nap, so it was nice to have that part out of the way and have an extra 40 minutes of free time while Sav was napping. 

- Tuesday night we had a big group of high schoolers over again.  I love our house.  It is so great to be able to have a girls group and a guys group going on at the same time at our house and everyone fits!  I'm really excited about the girls this summer.  We have a fun group.  One bad thing, the upstairs bathroom had a leak in one of the pipes that decided to show itself by busting through the downstairs bathroom ceiling during our groups. Guess it needed to come out sooner or later!

- Tonight we had the privilege of going to the Dodges house for a movie.   First we went to a little get together at the Bramble's (right by the Dodges house) to welcome home one of their daughters.  It was pretty fun.  The Dodges have a 16 year old son named Graeme who is really good with Savannah.  When we went back to their house to watch the movie, Teresa had gotten out this fischer price beauty shop thing for Sav to play with - complete with a hair dryer.  Savannah LOVED playing there!  A little too much.  I was hoping for her to zonk out since it was after 9pm but she just kept going and going and going...  So she and I came home and left Travis there to watch the movie.  That's 2 weekend's in a row that I came home early from a social event to put Savannah to bed and Travis stayed.  I'm okay with it, but I think we're going to work on her sleeping in the packnplay more often at other people's houses. We'll see. 

Here's a picture of swimming lessons.  Savannah's just a little upset with me here cause I'm making her wait to get in so I can take a picture. 

This is a new treat I've been making for Savannah and Travis every day.  It's just a Banana dipped in yogurt and sprinkled with cornflakes.  Then I freeze it for a couple hours.  They both love it and I love the face Savannah is making here. 


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