Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Let's be real here, most of my pictures and posts this summer will probably be related to the lake, boating, or swimming.  What can I say?  It's what we love about summer!

Savannah is following the foot steps of her momma (who also grew up on a boat or in the pool all summer long).  She loves going  on the "big boat" with grandma and grandpa, but more than that she loves it when we pull up to shore and she can practice swimming.  I'm so proud of her!  She gets in and holds her body up on her hand and kicks with her legs  -  wont be long until she is REALLY swimming!
Swimming is hard work.  You can see the intensity on her face in this picture!

I don't know... is anything cutter than a baby wedgie? 

Savannah is pretty into the worm bucket.  I think it's gross, but I'm not going to stop her.  She loves digging them out and washing them off and giving them to my dad or Travis for their hooks.  She ALMOST put one in her mouth this weekend, but we caught it.  I guess you have to try everything once.

I just love the way that the sky turns out in pictures on the lake.  I'm so glad this is just the start of summer!

Other things that occupy our time:
- Going to parks with friends
- Travis and I started up our summer high school small groups (we had over 30 kids here last night!)
- Hit up the new aquatic center
- Walking to the library
- Watching Finding Nemo


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