Friday, September 17, 2010

Got Joy?

Travis and I have been doing a lot of talking, thinking, praying and seeking on the topic of joy lately.  We have been so fortunate that God has blessed us with hearts that are easily taken to joy - but that's not so for some of those around us.  It seems like so many people these days are given to some kind of depression or sadness.  So much of the time they don't even know exactly why.  So this is just one of what will probably be a few to come, blogs on what we're learning about God's desire for our joy.  

I've spent the last 3 days listening to Mark Driscoll's recent sermon about joy.  He hits a lot of good points about where our joy should come from.  Then he lays down this top 10 list of ways to get joy from the Holy Spirit.  Here's the link to his talk (it's an hour long, so make some time!) and the top 10.  EnJOY!

Jesus Rejoices in the Holy Spirit

1. Spend time in the scripture.  It is a major way that the Holy Spirit fills you. 
2. Repent of sin.  Sin gets in the way of the Holy Spirit and our joy. 
3. Serve using your spiritual gifts.  You might think what you need to be happy is people serving you, but really what you need is for you to serve people.  What has the Holy Spirit given you to do?
4. Forgive those who have hurt you and pray for your enemies. Bitterness gets in the way of the Holy Spirit, and our joy. 
5. Enjoy what you have and give generously.  God loves a joyful giver.  
6. Check your health. Need more sleep?  Too busy to rest? Too busy for God? Sick?
7. Realize that joy is just ONE emotion that God has given us.  Grab it when it comes!
8. Rejoice in the joy of others.  Someone else gets something good - be happy!
9. Respond physically, trusting that the emotions will catch up.  You don't feel like singing, sing anyway!
10. Plan fun!  Make opportunities to have a good time. Invite the Holy Spirit to come along and make fun.  


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