Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the zoo zoo zoo

Last weekend we took Jasey to the Omaha Zoo for her birthday.  We wanted to give her the best gift we could think of and what could be better than an adventure with us?

Jasey spent the night with us Friday night so that we could leave really early Saturday.  So I saw what she was wearing that day before I got dressed.  Then I thought I'd be funny and go upstairs and put on the same outfit.  It was pretty funny.... until Travis went and put on the same outfit.  Then the two of them decided that they WANTED us to all wear matching clothes.  I didn't want to, but I went with it.  Oh my the turn tables.....
My camera broke right before we went, so I had to use my old camera which doesn't take the greatest pictures, so here's just a few that turned out okay. 

Jasey pretending to be an elephant.

Savannah found this bird that would peck at her through the fence. I probably shouldn't have let her play with it but it was super fun!

It seems like Savannah said something funny here.  I don't know what it was, but must have been good.


Joe and Beth/BethanySines photography)

savannah's smile in those bird pictures is SOOOO CUTE!!! i love that girl!

Confessions of a Seminary Wife

ok, i LOVE her hair cut! i wish Renae had enough to cut! nice matching outfits . . . nerds. ;)

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