Wednesday, September 29, 2010

True Woman 2010

So last weekend I was blessed to be able to go to a conference in Indianapolis called True Woman.  It's put on by the Revive Our Hearts ministry - which is run by Nancy Leigh Demoss (who happens to have written my favorite book, Lies Women Believe and the truth that sets them free).  So there's all the credentials.  Oh yeah, and I'll throw in there that Marie Nesbitt and Laura Dewhurst were both promised to go - so how could I lose?

We met at Cornerstone on Thursday morning.  9 women of all ages and back grounds, 2 huge vehicles (one of which I drove almost the whole way), and 3 days ahead of us.  The ride there and back was one of the high lights.  We talked the ENTIRE way, both ways.  We talked about scripture, families, raising kids, movies, jokes, all kinds of things!  I had forgotten how fun and encouraging and life giving a good road trip can be.  Once in Indianapolis, we checked into the Hyatt and headed to the conference along with 6000 (yes, six thousand) other women.  Through out the weekend I figured I had heard over 15 speakers.  They spoke on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, prayer, motherhood, suffering, marriage, the gospel, hospitality, emotions, and submission.  It was a little like drinking from a fire hose. I took notes as fast as I could and am still today trying to talk through and process all that I learned.  God used this weekend to work on a few walls I had built in my heart, and is also using it to shape my ministry with high school girls.  I wish I could share it all, but I'm sure it will seep out slowly as I begin to put things into place my life.  So, here's the best I can do - a few highlights:

- Crawford Lorttis: "Worldiness is the celebration of SELF.  It's all about MY longings, My cravings"

- Nancy Leigh Demoss: "Your life either proves or disproves your faith"

- Joni Earkison Tada: "God uses our lives to teach something about God to EVERYONE - including angles and demons.  The spirit world is watching us and learning about God's glory every second."
"Your suffering prepares you to meet and relate to Jesus"

- On marriage: Be intentional to grow together.  Remember to ask yourself "what does Jesus think of my husband?"  Pay a babysitter if that's what it takes to get out together.  Remember the things you did at first and do them again. Enjoy conversation that isn't about kids or ministry.

- On family: Say no if you need to.  Someone else can _________, but no one else in the world is called by God to raise MY family. Enjoy the season you're in and take in everything God has given you to learn in this season.

That's a wrap.  For now.
PS Thanks to Travis for being wonderful enough to fork out the  chaching for me to pay for this trip AND for taking care of Savannah for 3 days alone.


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