Saturday, September 4, 2010

This is where I belong....

Yes.  Roller Derby.  
Last night Travis and I watched the movie Whip It (on recommendation from Jasey and Hayley - Thanks Girls!).  It was super good.  It's directed by Drew Barrymore and stars Ellen Page (the girl from Juno).  It's the story of an artsy high school girl in a small town outside of Austin, TX who "finds herself" in secretly joining the Roller Derby.  Of course there's all kinds of drama with boys and friends and parents, and it's pretty funny too.  Jimmy Fallen and Kristen Wiig (from SNL) are in it too.  Definitely worth watching. 

But here's the catch - I've been thinking about Roller Derby all day.  I've been complaining for years about how I'm not really great at anything - like I don't have my "thing" that I'm good at.  In the movie one of the characters (played by Juliette Lewis) explains how SHE wasn't good at anything either until she found Roller Derby, when she was 31!  It's not too late!  Plus, I'm actually pretty good at roller blading (I could remember how to skate on 4 wheels pretty fast), and I already have the tattooed image required for killing it on the "flat track".  Travis is claiming that I'm not tough enough to play, but I bed to differ.  I mean, just because I'm not aggressive in regular life doesn't mean that I couldn't step it up in the rink.  Come on - I can get CRAZY!  I checked into it tonight and it turns out that there actually is a Roller Derby in Des Moines.  They have open practices and if you attend %60 of the practices, then you can try out for the team.   They are even recruiting right now!  If you can't tell by all the exclaimation points, I'm really excited about this.  Unfortunately for me, we are all booked up.  I don't have time to go to practices in Des Moines all the time.  However, if Roller Derby ever comes to Ames, and if I happen to be more freed up at that point... I'm SOOOO in!  

PS - The girls in Roller Derby all get awesome names... just another perk!  Go here to find one for yourself!

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