Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The worst thing I have ever done.

Preach the Gospel to yourself e everyday.
I've heard that so many times.  I've heard it from books, from sermons, and from friends.  I think I've even attempted to do it a time or two.  Problem was, I didn't really know what I was doing.  So lately, God has been teaching me about what the Gospel looks like in my life daily.

Last night at small group I asked my girls "What is the worst thing you have ever done? " I was a little apprehensive to ask them.  I asked myself that question a few weeks ago and I actually had to work at letting myself remember.  Funny how we work so hard to forget those things, but they're always there.  When I let myself remember fully the worst thing I have ever done, I felt like only then was I able to start understanding the Gospel.  The worst thing I have ever done is only a glimpse of the evil I am capable of.  The worst thing I have ever done is likely only a window into the kind of things I would be doing today if Jesus had not stepped in and saved my life.  The worst thing I have ever done describes the kind of person I am when I am alone, and with out God.

 Psalm 36 says this of the wicked man:
There is no fear of God in him, he loves himself, he cannot see his own sin - let alone hate it, the words of his mouth are lies, he doesn't do good, he plots and plans out wrong things to do, and he pushes away the good things he should do.

This is what each and every person looks like when they stand on their own.  When they refuse to listen to God's voice.  When they wonder out from under God's perfect authority. With out Jesus, I am only as good as the worst thing I have ever done.  Ask yourself, What is the worst thing you've ever done - and meditate on that for a while.  You will be in your proper place before the God of Grace when you let yourself sit there.

Maybe tomorrow I'll write about how to access that grace :)

(And no, I do not plan on actually stating the worst thing I ever done on my blog - trust me, it's bad.  You don't want to know)


Confessions of a Seminary Wife

Why oh why do I always forget you have an awesome blog that I need to check often for updates, funniness and good thoughts from Wendy?? Tell me why?!

I'm probably going to be mostly away from the blog world here soon. I literally do not have time. Thanks for the posts!!

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