Monday, September 20, 2010


I felt it was probably time for another update on our wonderful little "YaYa" as she calls herself.  :)
So here ya go.  Savannah:
-Is 2 years and 4 months old.  For those of you that are like me and don't like doing the math,  that's 28 months. 
-Is super super busy.  The other day Travis picked her up from the nursery at church and the workers there old him "Uh, she's really active. Really active." -He said that they looked like they were pretty worn out and were trying to tell him that it was from her.  And that was after she had already been in the nursery for 2 hours prior to their shift (long morning at church!).  She just runs everywhere.  Always talking, always moving, always playing.  

- Unless she's watching a movie.  It's a new favorite past time of hers.  She LOVES zoning out on Cinderella these days.  Or whatever we put in.  But she always requests Cinderella. 

- Savannah's diet these days is mostly peanut butter toast/sandwiches, cheerios, pineapple,  cheese, pepperoni, spaghetti, and if I'm lucky, broccoli. She's just not that into eating.  Oh, and Granola bars.  She's obsessed with them, even though I hardly give them to her when she asks. 

- Something else fun is all the new lingo she's using.  She's a chatter mouth! I can't believe how fast she has picked up words and can make long sentences.  My favorite lately is how she's started asking me "Who dat mommy?" or "Where going mommy?" or "What doing?".  It's awesome that she has figured out how to ask about the world around her. 
- Savannah can count to 10!  I dont know that she's really counting, as much as repeating 1 - 10 but it's pretty smart I think.  She can also remember some of the ABC song.  
- We started praying (talking to God) with Savannah out loud at nap time, dinner time, and bed time about 6 months ago - and sometimes we lead her in a prayer where she repeats what we say.  She's pretty good to clothes her eyes at least and pray with us.  The other night Travis asked her "Savannah, who do you talk to when you pray?" and she replied "Yaya talk to Papa! (my dad)"  So she might be a little confused on what's happening there.   

- She has become one of the bigger kids on the play ground when we go out in the mornings.  She can now swing on her own in the regular swing, climb up the slide, climb up most ladders, and jump off of really high things that she shouldn't be jumping off of.  Other parents often feel the need to catch or try to help her.  :)  I just sit back most of the time. 

- We love her.  


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