Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap

Here's a big post on the big events of Easter.  
It all started last weekend with our Easter egg dying party.  We had some high school students over to dye eggs, but before they came over, we stripped Savannah down and let her have a shot at it.  
It was her first time.  You can see how intense her face was about it.  I think every egg eventually ended up in every color of dye. Good thing it's all cheap and it's all just about the fun - not the outcome. 

We had never dyed real eggs with her before, so she was a little confused when she opened them up, only to find a REAL egg inside and not candy or a toy.  And check out those hands!

Travis and I were talking and not looking at her for a minute and when we turned back she was soaking her hair in one of the dye cups.  Travis was really proud of her, but unfortunately it washed out in the bath that night. 

And here's the product of our little party.  We actually ate ALL these eggs in a week.  Travis is trying a high protein/low carb diet right now so he loved it!

And here's Easter morning.  Savannah actually looks pretty sleepy.  You'll notice she does have a ball gown on already though.  Good thing Travis got her an Easter crown and necklace to match!

Here's the only shot I got of her in the outfit I had on her for Easter.  You can't tell very well, but there is chocolate all over it and her. 
So we went to my parent's house and she changed into this -
Which happens to be an outfit that my Great Grandma made for me when I was her age.  
ANNND the egg hunt. 

And what's a little Easter party without some digging the neighbors trash?  
I had to get a picture of my mom and some other neighbors rummaging through the curbside shopping after lunch. 

And here's another try at a family picture.  Gosh family!  How hard is it?


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