Monday, April 4, 2011

A kitchen trick-a-roo!

Here's a little trick I learned (and love) from Jasey.  She knows her way around a kitchen pretty well, thanks to her classy up bringing.  Maybe you already knew this, and I'm like the last person ever to get it - but I love it, and I did not know it.  So I'm sharing it.  It's my blog - deal with with. 

So start by peeling the onion, and cutting off the end.  The use your knife to make a grid on out of the onion.  (I'm realizing I'm not the best at describing this so hopefully the picture helps).  

Then turn the onion on it's side and slice down the grid.  Vwalla! Chopped onion!  I love this because it seems to be the best way to keep me from cutting my fingers off.  I dont know.  Good luck!


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