Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My awesome kid decided the other night that water colors would be good on her face.  Why not?

 Travis had some guys over for small group and I was in the other room when I heard one of them say "oh, Savannah!  You're painting your face" - I looked in and just said "oh wow - that looks fun!"

 The boys were surprised at my response - like they expected me to stop her or something but as I sat there, I really couldn't think of any reason to not let her continue.  She was having so much fun!  And she said she felt like a pretty princess kitty cat.  (I dont know).  The only reason I could think of to stop her was because it's a little unconventional - but really.....why not paint all over your face?

So there IS one reason - Today when I was in the living room, Savannah was busy using markers all over her face.  This is a picture of her trying to hide it from me so I wouldn't wipe it off.  Same deal though - princess kitty cat.  So we had to talk about how it's not okay to ALWAYS color on your face and you have to ask.  Gosh - love this kid.


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